A Human Comedy

by Unteachers





Collectively, we wish to say thank you to every person who patiently waited for this album for an unforgivable amount of time, never wavering in support of us. My prayer is that this record will encourage you all to find rest in the gospel of Jesus Christ. That you would bask in not just the shallows, but the depths of Gods sovereign grace, and that it would transform your heart and mind, revealing biblical truth, the weight of sin, and the holiness of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who gets all glory.

This album is dedicated to the following:, Adam Vandegrift, Marybeth Poley, Cliff Turner, Desi Pillay, Eileen Norris, Thomas Jacob, and Peter Styer.


released November 1, 2014

Stephen Mark Sarro - Vocals, Guitars, Etc.
Joshua Kale - Fretless and standard bass
Travis Turner - Drums

Produced by: S. Sarro and Unteachers
Recorded by: “the pros at Maple Lane Recording Studios” aka, Brad Jacob.
Additional bass, recorded at:
Ancient Mariner Studio, by The Love Doctor
All songs written by S. Sarro

Additional Musicians:
Rick (Udrick) Wise - Percussion on “Cast My Cares”
Seth Luzier - Organs/Keys on “Cusp”

Mastered for vinyl by: Steve Austin at Austin Enterprise
Additional mastering: Jim Settle.

Front Cover Image: Catie Russo/Seth Luzier
Back Cover Image: Catie Russo
Art Direction and Design: Seth Luzier
Fish Skeleton Photography: S. Sarro



all rights reserved


Unteachers Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Stephen Mark Sarro (Tantrum Of The Muse singer/guitarist) and his occasional band of misfits, making urgent orthodox noise rock/metal music. (more to come)

A Human Comedy, Unteacher's debut album is finished, and will be released sometime in 2014.
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Track Name: As Bright As Black
Angels falling from the ground. This world is upside down. For every child that is born, an eye for every storm. Burned out frame of mind. Help me believe in something that is greater. Swallowed by the sea, the death of you and me. The fear that comes to mind. Just don't leave me behind. The second that it takes. Help me believe your love is something greater. Home, where light shines in and nothing gets to me. This must be love, its not reality. Lets burn this place to the ground. Sleep so gently next to me. So far away. Why cant i reach you? There is so much to say. All the good in me is you. Can we choose to understand this fear and faith? If we choose to walk away, we fall down. I want to understand but i stay the same. In fear i walk away, falling down.
Track Name: Fear Of Silence
Its been to quiet for too long. Im just waiting for the next big thing, a tragedy, we all hit the ground. Its never too safe, and the silence is loud. Misery loves company, but she won't accommodate those around. Its been to quiet for too long. Getting ready for the next big wave. This tragedy puts me in the ground. I carry this weight, don't act surprised. I spend my days preparing for the things that make the world go around. Its been too quiet for too long. And you know its a matter of time until we see the sky falling down. This fear of silence, im not proud. Never mind all the sound we make. Return the spit and dirt to the ground. Now we see the desolation.Your righteous hand on all creation.
Track Name: Swim With A Knife
I swim with a big knife. To cut the tongue into a pillow. For three days and for three nights, surrounded by these waves and billows. Im gazing with that big knife. The sand is still underneath. The sea that stares into the moonlight. A thousand eyes staring back at me. Im sleeping with that big knife. To cut away from all this reverie. I know im sleeping in the light. Please don't cast me to the sea. Sheol. The deep surrounding me. Sheol. This place i don't want to be.
Track Name: Cast My Cares
Every time that i wake up, i am one day closer to dying. And when i am sleeping, this is wasting my precious time. Someone please tell me, am i coming or am i going? Is this emotional S&M or is this just my calling? And some call this a coma. I call it boredom. How soon? Will i find my rest in you?
Track Name: Cusp
This love we speak of, Its a business for the sperm bank. Were in debt. Now your spitting on my picture, in a broken frame. Use the shards of glass. Your bleeding on a mirror. Tradition? Should i get on one knee for you? Will you get on both? Nothing last forever. I try to believe my heart is wrong, but i remember. You only work as hard as it takes to get your pay. This loneliness inside my heart is robbing me blind. Too much time thinking with the flesh in mind. Recalling days of pouring out my heart, with words of sadness tearing us apart. Soon… If not the truth than this is the ignorant side. Tenderness cannot be reached. A thick wall of pride. And on the day you first appeared to me. Lies you cast into a forgetful sea. These promises are broken. My words Ive consumed. They fill me up inside with things that no longer matter.
Track Name: Higher Horses
Broken frame. Once a child so outspoken. Always let you in, without a shadow of a doubt. Teach me to swim in the same bathwater you were baptized in. Now a foolish man you call your son. Watch me grow with your eyes half open. There is more to me. Don't tell me you know where i stand. Break the spell. Ill never be just like you, but you laugh at me, and i don't find you funny anymore. The thing that haunts you worse than death. You lose your hold when we get strong. It shakes the ground right where you step to know that you have been so wrong. The thing that haunts you worse than death. You lose your hold because i am strong. With the same nails though his hands they sealed a coffin where no light shines in, and not a single soul will hear you now. We've been told, but nobody gives a damn about what you say. A life of pride is a lonely place The thing that haunts you worst than death. Loose your hold when we get strong. It shakes the ground right where you step to know that you have been so wrong. The thing that haunts you worse than death. You lose your hold because we are strong.
Track Name: Death Has Been Swallowed
You keep to your promise. Where is the sting in death? Why have you given this to me? Paint my eyes with a glimpse of you. Its such a petty thank you. I will learn to live for the final day. Free wisdom you give. the grace that saves me. There is nothing greater. With our finite minds, we love such fragile things. We settle for what fits into our hands. Inside of my anxiety, there is no faith in you. Just endless suffering, but death has been swallowed. Inside of this anxiety, there is no faith. But with you, death is our enemy. Death has been swallowed! Pour yourself straight into me. Overflowing waves of mercy spilling over into other peoples lives. Pour yourself just like the sea. All creation groans for mercy as the earth fills with the knowledge of God. Until that final day when we speak of death no more. The saddest face is good for the heart.